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Company History

In 1981 a young entrepreneur by the name of Jeff Munro was born. Throughout his young life, he took a great liking to cars. Attending hot rod shows with family and looking forward to his 16th birthday. In 1991 While attending elementary school Jeff decided it was time to make money. From lemonade to sno-cone stands, Jeff was trying to find a niche. After a suggestion by his father, Jeff decided to start a mobile car washing service.

After printing Two hundred full-page fliers and delivering them within a 4-block radius he headed out on his bike & custom-made bike trailer. Fully equipped with all the necessary equipment to wash any car. After a long morning of passing out fliers he returned home to find so many messages wanting service he didn’t know what to do.

Time passed and Jeff began developing relationships with weekly customers. After washing cars for 2 years and realizing the potential Jeff decided to begin offering full detailing services as well. His services would include polishing, waxing, carpet shampooing, and more. Detailing turned out to be a gold mine. Now he could wash a few cars a day at $10 bucks and detail 1-2 cars at $100 each per day. The company grew and the appointments got more consistent.

Jeff was riding his bike and trailer over 50 miles a day around Fresno washing cars and detailing them on appointment. Finally, Jeff turned 16 and received his first truck from his parents. This allowed Jeff to provide fast services to Fresno as well as travel further for wash services. One day Jeff acted on a suggestion from a family member. They had advised him to look into base locations. In 1998 Jeff was able to add a country club to his resume of car washing. Shortly after another country club. As business grew Jeff hired a friend to run a second location at two financial centers in town. He was even able to provide wash services to over 5 events of 100 car washes a piece. Jeff was trying to grow into the largest mobile car wash in Fresno. He did. Working 4 days a week Jeff was a busy man. The other wash trailer was working 3-4 days a week as well. Things were good.

More To Come…